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โ‹† i always keyboard smash
โ‹† i'm so loud about gongtang
โ‹† my account is for cravity only
โ‹† i do strictly selective followback
โ‹† sometimes i tweet in broken english
โ‹† iโ€™m gonna spam a lot of pics and memes if my faves posted
โ‹† please softblock instead of unfollow to break the mutuals
โ‹† feel free to dm me whenever you want because i love talking with oomfies

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hate any members of cravity โ‹†
your account isnโ€™t for cravity only โ‹†

about me

nickname disa
pronouns she / her
birthday 06 november
zodiac scorpio
personality infp-t
language eng / ina

too much information

gongtang, hamini, dimples, teefies, sleeping, baby lullaby, folk ballad and indie music, sprite, root beer, banana milk, matcha, mint choco, cheese, spicy, kitten, bunny, puppy, clouds, star, moon.

summer, honey, reptiles, insects, animal abuse, jumpscares, math, physics, overthinking, being scolded, being ignored, sexualized minors, toxic people, too much cursing, racism, discrimination, and body shamming.



name kim taeyoung
nickname youngtae, tyoung
birthdate 27 january 2003
zodiac aquarius
blood type ab

    # ํƒœํ”Œ๋ฆฌ

    be kind (with halsey)
    by marshmello

    by pink sweat$

    please don't touch
    by raye

    fairy tale
    by seori

    roses (ft. rozes)
    by the chainsmokers

    i need you
    by ovan


    name ahn seongmin
    nickname ddeongmin, deongi
    birthdate 01 august 2003
    zodiac leo
    blood type o

      # ์„ฑํ”Œ๋ฆฌ

      by peach tree rascals

      across the universe
      by baek yerin

      by iu

      2 soon
      by keshi

      by baek yerin

      traffic light
      by paul kim

      dearest oomfs

      kak yaya, kak danes, kak jara, kak ara, kak rene, kinan, syana, shera, afa, gasha, zia, kak lia, aley, kak sha, salsa, sasha, kania, kak alda,
      kak andira, kak ara, and oomfs who aren't mentioned here

      im so glad to be able to know all of you, thank you for being my friend! please donโ€™t hesitate to knock my dm if you need someone to talk to :D always be happy and stay healthy, okkie? donโ€™t forget to smile because youโ€™re the prettiest when you smile. ily oomfs <3

      click anything for surprise! :D